Monday, September 20, 2010

Tyler's car bed

It's done! After starting this project in January it is done! Tyler is very excited to have a car to sleep in. It really is an awesome racecar! Jeremy is amazing. I don't know how he can just teach himself how to do this stuff, but he does, and I get to be the recipient of it all and my kids! It is also an awesome bed because my mom made an awesome quilt to go on top of it. Did you know that my mom is so amazing at making quilts that she won 2nd place at the Utah State Fair this year for her entry. She is kind of my idol.
Well done, Jeremy and Nana, your rock. Now I get to decorate the rest of the room to go with the bed!


Tyler loves everything superhero ie.: spiderman, superman, batman... He has started speech therapy once a week and we can't wait to see him start improving. He misses Grace when she is at school but seems to be able to torture Charlotte like Grace has tortured him for years. He says a few times a morning, "Where Grace go"..
I was crafty and made this. I had seen these yarn wreaths on etsy thought I can make that, I think it turned out pretty cute. It will be a fun fall wreath.
Our Charlotte! She was a blast at the beach and is a blast at home. She is pretty crazy, though. All day long I am taking her off the dining room table, out of the windowsill downstairs, off the bathroom counter etc. She is a climber and just is interested in everything. It is so fun to see her learning so fast! She loves her older siblings and wants to play with them all day long.
Grace started Kindergarten and is loving it! I don't think half day is long enough for her but oh well! She is smart as a tac, very compassionate, and is loving making new friends and playing with them after school. She also is now back in gymnastics and is doing great! Her teacher keeps telling me how strong she is. Below, what a poser!

Jeremy is still loving work and is now enjoying being assistant scout master, just went on a campout last weekend.

End of Summer

What a summer we have had! We did lots of swimming, lots of playing outside and had our fair share of vacations. Grace and Tyler can now both swim by themselves, Tyler maybe not quite as gracefully as Grace, but man he has guts! This picture above and below are my family at Newport Beach, so much fun!
Can you believe how big my family is? I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family, every one of them. We really had such a great trip full of so much fun.

It has been 10 years since I went to Jerusalem. We had a great reunion and it was fun reconnecting with so many.

Our chickens are producing like crazy. We get 4-6 eggs everyday. We are eating more eggs than ever. I still think it's funny that we got chickens for the eggs since Jeremy doesn't even really care for them. Although he does like a good deviled egg, which I haven't made yet....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ragnar Baby!

Happy 30th Birthday, MK, you're officially old!

This is me in my gear ready for my night run, reflective vest, headlamp and LED light on back. IT was so much fun running at night with all the people in the neighborhood I was running in cheering us all on and giving us high fives.

Sarah, thanks for talking me into joining your team, it was awesome.

This is my awesome team! From left, Liz Findlay, Angie Nelson, Jerilee Jones, Courtney Crofts, me, Lindsay Healey, and Sarah Thomas. Girl power, seriously!

This is me running in the distance beginning of my second run from 9-10 pm.
Well, if there's anything ever to post about, it would be doing the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay! It was crazy, it was exhausting, it was fulfilling, it was a party, it was crowded, it was emotional, it was running! 1025 teams, almost 13,000 runners, 18.3 miles for me, 188 total miles, lots of gatorade and bagels, lots of fun!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Year Goes by So Fast!

Cute Family Pic!
Tyler with Nana
Well, it's true, Charlotte is a year. It has been such a wonderful year, maybe a harder few months in the beginning, but we couldn't be happier to have Charlotte in our home. Having three kids is definitely crazy a lot of the time, but we've seemed to figure it out. Jeremy has been such a great dad this year. He has put many of the things he loves to do on hold, so that he can be home more. Boy, have I appreciated it. Way to go, Dad! We love you so much and thank you for all that you sacrifice for us!
Charlotte is truly a gem. She smiles all the time, loves to play with her brother and sister, and is just as independent as my other kids. She really never stops to amaze us with how fast she is doing everything and really taking it all in. I see her playing with Tyler and Grace and running around the house with them and I can see that she wants to be all grown up like them. We celebrated Charlotte's birthday by going camping, well not really, it just happened that we had planned a trip down to Arches on her birthday, we had cake when we got home. We went with my parents and had such a blast. The kids did terrific on all our hiking adventures. Neither of the kids asked to be held on the whole delicate arch hike. I must say, they are hiking kids. When you haven't been to Southern Utah in a while you can forget how beautiful it is. It's so fun to be able to share with your kids things you grew up with. Red Rock is one of mine!

When we got home we did the whole cake thing, and Charlotte just dug in. I guess I did a good job with the cake, cause she loved it!

Jeremy dressed the kids all coordinated for Memorial Day, so cute! I never do it, so Jeremy had to fill in on the cheesiness. I just love this picture of all of them. I can't seem to get a good picture of Tyler these days, so this will do. Yes, he thinks he is smiling. Look below, I think he gets it from his dad.

We then took a Thomas the Train ride on the Heber Creeper. The kids had a blast as we creeped along slower than I can run.

Charlotte ended up just picking the whole piece up and taking bites, my kind of girl!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Everybody is Growing Up!

Isn't she darling? Grace just turned 5!!! Grace is definitely getting older and wiser, at least she thinks. I can't believe she starts kindergarten this next fall! She is full of spunk, energy, humor, compassion, and a little bit of zany. She gets excited about others' successes, and is way too smart for her size. She had a wonderful birthday with family and extended family. Lots of presents, good food and a pretty cake. I can't believe I created something this great that is made with frosting and cake. I wish I had taken a picture of the cake once we cut into it. Grace wanted a rainbow cake after I was already making a butterfly (her first request), so I asked if I could make the inside rainbow. This was good enough for her. Let's just say, some people (I won't mention who, Papa Henriod) almost couldn't eat it, just close your eyes someone said.

Our other girl, Charlotte, is growing up so much and has been for a while. Jeremy always says, "Charlotte is 10 months going on 3 years". Here she is with her first steps. I'm sure in a week she's going to have figured it all out and will be walking everywhere.

As for the rest of us growing up? Well, Tyler of course is still the apple of all of our eyes. He is starting to make improvements in his speech and will be starting speech therapy soon. Jeremy seems to be getting older, but still immature as ever (just kidding), and I look forward to my 30th here in a couple of months! I don't feel old, I'm not dreading, and I'm actually going to celebrate it by running the Wasatch Back Relay!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are you Kidding? Is it a Sign?

Charlotte is a busybody. The other day she was playing with pots out of the cupboard and next thing I knew she was in the cupboard. I find her in all sorts of places: the toilet, face down stuck in a half-empty laundry basket, and pulling soil and leaves off our indoor plant. She is so much fun. The other kids play hide-and-seek with her. She is still a mama's girl, even though she self-weaned. She's not walking yet, but very close. She will let go and stand for a number of seconds and is walking along furniture at a good pace.

Boy, our chickens are getting big, they're starting to eat us out of house and home. No, we aren't getting eggs yet, not until around July.

I just don't know how to begin. We bought a trampoline a week and 3 days ago, really excited for the kids to enjoy their time on it. Everyone loves trampolines and encouraged us to get one. Not two hours after we had the tramp up Grace broke her leg. She is now in a purple cast that goes up to her mid-thigh for a full month. Well, this morning I woke up to a horrible thing. It has been really windy for the last 36 hours. I found our BBQ flipped over on its side and was frustrated. Well, then Grace said, "Mom, where's the trampoline?" Oh, no, I didn't even notice that the tramp wasn't there. I run outside to look for it. The wind had blown it through our fence and it is wedged against our neighbors home. It's all bent out of shape not to mention the damage that is done to our neighbor's home. I just can't believe our luck. Well, I guess we weren't supposed to have a tramp. My neighbor, who is so nice, said, "I hope you're not going to get rid of the tramp". Are you kidding me? I guess if it's unusable we don't have a choice because we can't just go out and buy a new tramp. Well, so we're out the cost of the tramp and whatever it's going to cost to fix the fence and our neighbor's house.
It's going to be a great day!